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Natural Incense Company is a company founded in 2011 with the aim of reviving the art of producing natural honey-based incense according to the ancient Vedic tradition. 

Natural Incense Company is made up of 35 women and 2 men and is located near two villages on the outskirts of the city of Mandya, India. Our strength lies in combining Indian Vedic culture with Italian herbal culture. Ethical practices are the foundation of our principles, and we provide honest and safe work for many mothers and girls. Natural Incense Company is a quality reference for many Ashrams and firms worldwide.”

natural raw ingredients

Our incense is typically used for peace and tranquility and must be true, pure, and sincere. For this reason, we start with the selection of natural raw materials. Our ingredients come from untouched Indian jungles: wild honey and bamboo from the Himalayas; resins from dry and desert Indian, Arabic, and African territories collected by nomadic tribes; Palo Santo from the mountains of Peru; Salvia Apiana from California; Sandalwood from the city of Mysore; essential oils from Italy, France, and many other producing countries.

Our masalas

Our masala mixtures are still prepared today as they were 400 years ago, following the ancient Vedic teachings, lunar phases, the movement of the sun and planets, and many precious tricks handed down by tradition. The ingredients are secretly mixed together at different times. During the preparation, the masala is kept in terracotta containers and, after 15 days, it is ready to be skillfully hand-rolled onto bamboo sticks.

Drying takes about a week, during which time the sticks are continually rotated to achieve even drying. Once dry, the sticks are immediately packaged in precious aroma-saving bags developed over the years that will preserve their fragrance until use.


In 2014, Natural Incense Company became the world’s first factory to receive certification. If you want to receive all our certification, please click on the below button and fill in the fields on the contact module.

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